1982. 04. 19


角色介紹 (Role):  
珮珊飾 - 楊萍
其他演員 (Other actors):  
故事簡介/分集劇情 (Storyline):  
劇集截圖 (Picture):  
【  1  】
經典重溫 (Video clips):   
《主題曲 Theme song》
1. 《楊萍與展昭》 2. 《楊萍與包拯》
相關資料 (Other Information):
觀後感 (Comment):

如果大家喜歡珮珊在《楚留香》裡的黑珍珠角色,那麼,在《福星高照》裡的楊萍該不會令大家失望,因為這女子也是用長鞭做武器,且性格率直,野蠻不講道理,活生生是另一個可愛的黑珍珠;她也同樣喜歡上像木頭一樣的包拯呢!珮珊很擅長演這類角色, 不但不會令人覺得討厭,反而很討人喜愛呢~~~~~

If you like Pui Shan's role of "Chu Liu Xiang - Black Pearl", I think you will like "Yang Ping" in the drama of "All in the Wrong Shoes". The character of this woman is similiar to "Black Pearl" who uses bullwhip as her weapon. She has a bluff but rather pleasant manner and loves the same kind of man as "Black Pearl"! Pui Shan is very good to play this type of role, we do not hate but feels very pleasing.

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