1978. 09. 04


角色介紹 (Role):  
珮珊飾 - 孫小紅
其他演員 (Other actors):  
故事簡介/分集劇情 (Storyline):  
劇集截圖 (Picture):  
【 1 】
經典重溫 (Video clips):   
《孫小紅和李尋歡打賭 1》
《孫小紅和李尋歡打賭 2》
全套 20 集 Full version online
相關資料 (Other Information):
觀後感 (Comment):

曾經在某論壇看過網友討論過珮珊也適合演“小黃蓉”一角,看了這片段,實有同感。 珮珊清脆的笑聲,再加上靈動的眼睛和那迷人的笑容,實在是可愛極了,活脫脫是“小黃蓉”。

I have seen some discussions about who can acted the role of younger "Wong Yung" in other forums, Pui Shan is one of them. After watched the clips of this drama, I agreed with their suggestion. Pui Shan has melodious laughter, bright and intelligent eyes together with enchanting smile who looks as real younger "Wong Yung".

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