Au Yeung Pui Shan's Profile    (歐陽珮珊資料)

Au Yeung Pui Shan (Susanna)  began her acting career  in 1970. Her first Cantonese movie was "King Fa fairy" in 1970. She used Ouyang Pei as her stage name and later adapted Au Yeung Pui Shan after joined "Star Company" in 1971. She also acted in many Mandarin films  including "crazy killer", "Mighty Couple" and "The Awaken Punch".

In 1975, Au Yeung Pui Shan joined RTV boardcasting which marks the beginning of a fulfilling acting career on small screen. After played series of TV drama as "Seven times of marriage", she gained tremendous  popularity as the lead protagonist.  Due to popular demands, Susanna and her co-star of the TV series, Mr. Man, recorded and released theme songs of the series “Seven times of Marriage” During this period,  she met her co-star, Kwok Fung, while participating in the drama "Awakenings",  the two fell in love. They were married on 9 September, 1977.

Susanna joined TVB boardcasting in 1978 and performed in  numerous TV series such as "Chu Liu Xiang", "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly", "The Passenger", "One Sword". Among her many works in TVB,  the "Discovery Bay" is her favorite.

Au Yeung Pui Shan expanded her career path in the 1980s. She particiated as the lead female protagonist in the Cantonese opera  "Liu Yi Chuan Shu" with Roman Tam in 1984 at the Lee Theatre. The 25 performances  received rave reviews in Hong Kong The dozens of performances has received critically accalam from medias in USA and Canada. In 1986, she held her first concert in Hong Kong. After that Hainan Boardcasting invited her to participate in the drama "No raining tonight."

Around the same time, she also starred in "Don't Look Now", "The Young Heroes," "Woman On The Beat", "83 Return of the Condor Heroes", "The Pitfall", and "When Silken Hands Get Rough", etc.  Perhaps, Susanna’s most recognizable work is her role as the intelligent, witty and gorgeous "Huang Yung" in the 1983 version of “Return of the Condor Heroes". Susanna’s Huang Yung is hailed as the most authentic, memorable and beloved “Huang Yuang” by all internet fans.

In 1989 she joined ATV and went on to star in series of high profile TV dramas including, "The Ghostbusters Gang", "The Taxi Driver", "Spiritual Wife", "The Forbidden City in Jeopardy", "Days of Glory" and "Flame", which earned her praises for her excellence performance.

Au Yeung Pui Shan significantly reduced her screen appearances from early 90s. Upon the completion of the movie "Crime Story" and the drama "Soong's Three Sisters" (produced by the Japanese television boardcasting in 1993), she retired from acting. Following her retirement, she returned to school to study Chinese medicine in Mainland China. Susanna completed the officially required training and became  a licenced qigong practitioner. She later headed her clinic "CKY Chinese Medical Qigong Practise Center" in Hong Kong.

~~ Translated by Magnolia ~~
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